Download links for Dobbiaco Summer School

School website:

Part I [slides]

  • First Job: Elicit the Abstract Structure

  • Second Job: Review of Classical Numerical Analysis

  • Third Job: Discuss Choice of P_x

Part II [slides]

  • Fourth Job: Check Well-Defined, Existence and Uniqueness

  • Fifth Job: Algorithms to Access P_{x|a}

Part III [slides]

  • Sixth Job: Analysis of the Gaussian Case

  • Seventh Job: Solution of Integrals, in Detail

Part IV [slides]

  • Eighth Job: Solution of PDEs

  • Ninth Job: Characterise Optimal Information

Part V [slides]

  • Tenth Job: Extension to More Challenging Integrals

  • Eleventh Job: Non-Bayesian Methods?

Part VI [slides]

  • Twelfth Job: Introduction to Graphical Models

  • Thirteenth Job: Pipelines of Computation