Session at the Royal Statistical Society Annual Conference 2017, 4-7 September @ University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

The RSS is delighted to have this session on Data-Centric Engineering at our annual conference in Glasgow. It highlights the growing importance of statistics and data analysis in industry and in defining and designing a safer society.” [RSS executive director Hetan Shah]

Grand Challenges in Data-Centric Engineering

This session, supported by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation and the Alan Turing Institute, will present fundamental research and ground-breaking innovation in the applications of data science to engineering. These projects aim to directly address the challenges in improving resilience in infrastructure, safety in society, and to generate scientific advances that will have international impact.

Speakers: (Chair: Chris Oates)

  • 5 mins - Mark Girolami: Overview of the Programme on Data-Centric Engineering. 
  • 20 mins - Ricardo Silva: Probabilistic Models for the London Underground and Large Transport Networks
  • 20 mins - Din-Houn Lau: Statistical Data Analysis for Instrumented Structures.
  • 20 mins - Catalina Vallejos: Remote Identification of System Failure.
  • 20 mins - Q&A Session: Grand challenges and opportunities for statistical research.